Best Three Wheeler Vehicle Brand in India

About 7.2 KW AC Charger

  • Rated Power - Type  2, 7.2kw
    Input Voltage - 7.2 KW -230V AC single phase
    Number of Output - One type -2 Gun
    Output Current range - 0-32A for 7.2 kw per phase
    Output Charging outlet - IEC 60309 or Type 2 IEC 62196
    Status Indicator - Provided
    Meeting and Billing - Grid Responsive metering - QR code scan/RFID card/APP server based Online Payment
    Charging Operation - Swipe card/Scan Code/ App based Authentication
    Mechanical protection - IP55
    Certificate - ARIA
    Mounting  - Wall mounted / Pole mounted

  • EV Charging Station

    High maintainability

    The front panel can be opened for ease of maintenance work.

    Security lock

    The charging connector is controlled automatically through interlock with user authentication function

    Product Specification

    Regulation +
    Protection +
    Communication +
    Environment +
    User interface and Control function +
    Input Power +