50+ KM/h Speed
140KM to 160KM
4 Hours

E Auto rickshaws of Erisha E Mobility for last mile connectivity.

E Smart Electric Three Wheeler Auto

Despite the introduction of cabs, the market for auto rickshaws will rise again and will rule the market. But due to increase in traffic and pollution, it has become a necessity for people to switch to eco-friendly and efficient mode of transportation for the benefit of the environment.

₹ N/A
  • 50+ KM/H
  • 4 Hours
  • 140-160 km per charge
E Smart Electric Three Wheeler Auto

E Super E Auto

We at Erisha are proud to introduce our latest invention- “E-Super” for those who love driving and riding in three-wheelers. Due to high carbon emissions, the world had witnessed the decline of the ride in three- wheelers.

₹ N/A
  • 55+ KM/H
  • 3KW
  • 170-190 km. per charge
E Super E Auto

E-Superior Best Electric Three Wheeler Loader

Erisha E Mobility presents an astounding e auto, E-Superior 3Wheeler Cargo in L5 category. The OEM assures the superior range of an electric three-wheeler loader. Erisha 3 wheeler electric auto has full metallic body which makes it even more superior than others.

₹ N/A
  • 50+ kmph
  • 4 hours
  • 140-150 km per charge
E-Superior Best Electric Three Wheeler Loader

E Superme Electric Three Wheeler Delivery Van

With the advent of our new 3-wheeler delivery vans, i.e., E Supreme and E Supreme+, the distribution of goods across states and cities will definitely change. Our team has designed and developed ideal options for the aids of people who are looking for a dependable and environment friendly means to transport goods, thanks to the modern design, cutting-edge technology, and variety of functions.

₹ N/A
  • 50+ kmph
  • 4 Hour
  • 140-160 km. per charge
E Superme Electric Three Wheeler Delivery Van

E Supreme Plus Electric Cargo Delivery Van

Erisha E Mobility's zero emission electric 3 wheel delivery van is sure to revolutionize the way goods are delivered. Its sleek design, advanced technology and range of features make it a great choice for those looking for a reliable and eco-friendly way to transport goods. The company's commitment to innovation means that they will continue to develop new solutions for clean transportation in the future, making them a leader in the industry. With their focus on sustainability, Erisha E Mobility is setting an example that other companies should follow as we strive towards a greener future.

₹ N/A
  • 50+ KM/H
  • 4 Hour
  • 130-150/140-160 KM. per charge
E Supreme Plus Electric Cargo Delivery Van
  • Rating Voltage(V)


  • Rating Capacity(Kwh)


  • Charging

    Dc Charger

  • Transmission

    None(direct drive system)

  • Steering

    Power Steering

  • Suspension

    Air Suspension

Why choose us for Electric Three Wheeler?

Our commitment to innovation drives us to design and craft electric vehicles that are not just functional, but truly extraordinary.

IP 67 Lithium-Ion Battery

Water & dust repellent

PMSM 10 kW

It makes high load carring capacity.

39 months

It protect customers for defect losses

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    Satisfied Customers
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