Erisha E Mobility Electrifies the EV market by launching its EV Autos & EV Charging Stations

Erisha E Mobility Electrifies the EV market by launching E- Superior, E- Supreme and E- Smart in L5 Category including EV Charging Stations

7th October'2022: Erisha E Mobility, an entity of Rana Group that envisions manufacturing, distributes, and exports all electric vehicles segment and Hydrogen fuel cell buses; announces the launch of E- Superior Electric Cargo Loader, E- Supreme Electric Delivery Van and E- Smart Electric Passenger vehicle three-wheeler auto in L5 category including EV Charging Stations.

The Electric Vehicles are priced as; E-Superior Cargo Loader: Rs. 3.89 lakhs, E- Supreme Electric Delivery Van: Rs. 4.09 lakhs and E- Smart Electric Passenger vehicle: Rs. 3.87 lakhs (ex-showroom) and is equipped with a 51.2V Li-ion battery that offers a range of 120-140 km on a single charge. The battery will be fully charged in 4-5 hours. All these vehicles come with a standard 39-month warranty. Delivery of the E-auto is expected to begin in November 2022 and can be booked in advance with a token amount of Rs. 2100/- online through the company website or at the dealers located across India.

The company is aligning with #VocalforLocal and conceptualised the electric vehicle in India for the Indian market. The E-auto is an all-electric three-wheeled vehicle that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of last-mile connectivity. Launch of its Electric Cargo 4-Wheeler 1.50 Mt, 2.50 Mt and 3.00 Mt capacity, two wheelers in various ranges and electric buses also will be announced by the Company before end of this year.

Meet Mr. Darshan Rana: Leading the Way as Chairman and Managing Director of Rana Group

Mr. Darshan Rana, Chairman and Managing Director, Rana Group, firmly believes that in next 5 years their new venture M/s Erisha E Mobility Private Limited, which focuses on the EV and hydrogen vehicles business, will become a unicorn (reach valuation of $1 billion). “We are targeting all different segments in the EV. Initially we are going to launch eight products under EV segment in Phase 1- Electric 3 Wheelers (L5 segment) – Passenger – HD and Compact, Cargo, Delivery Van and Electric AC chargers/ charging stations with rating 3.3KW, 7.2KW, 10KW and 14KW respectively. We will move phase wise in coming months to venture into other EV segments. Phase 2 will see the development of Commercial vehicles with capacity ranging from 1.5 tonne to 20 tonne.

Phase 3 will expand company’s vision in production of Electric 2 Wheelers – Motorcycle and Scooters in slow as well as in high-speed domain. Phase 4 will further strengthen the company’s position as solution provider for all EV segments by launching Electric buses in 7m, 9m and 12m range. We are also committed to develop the eco system for electric charging stations pan India to support the Electric Vehicles,” reveals Rana.

“While we have started developing and manufacturing electric vehicles, going forward we plan to convert them into hydrogen vehicles. Our plans meet with the Government’s goal to reduce dependence on fossil fuel which is not only expensive but also destroying our environment,” says Rana, who hopes that in the next five year all his plans will fructify.

About Erisha E Mobility Private Limited

Erisha E Mobility Private Limited an entity within the Rana Group that hold the vision to manufacture, marketing, and export all electric vehicles segment viz E 3-wheelers (Passenger and Cargo vehicles), Municipal E- dump truck, E- Commercial vehicles, E- Buses, E- 2 wheelers and Hydrogen fuel cell buses. Erisha E Mobility is committed for zero carbon emission to protect health of planet & environment. Our experts of R&D team are involved in developing electric power train for 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, cargo, buses & trucks in partnership with European & Indian R&D houses.

We are also planning to develop hydrogen fuel cells & Hydrogen combustion engines under collaboration with European partner. To achieve this ambitious transition, a charging infrastructure network that is accessible and robust is essential in India. In addition to EV charging frameworks, Erisha E Mobility is supporting structures and regulatory frameworks to facilitate the process, along with a roadmap for ensuring its implementation as per the guidelines laid down by the Indian Government.

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