Advantages & disadvantages of EV

                                      When we begin with something, it has two impacts -positive & negative. We must look up to both the sides of the coin. On one hand positives are what we are blessed with whereas on the other hand negatives are the ones which need our attention to turn into positives. Although we are constantly working over the EV segment yet we all are well aware of the fact that EVs cannot completely take away ICE from the roads. As there are certain pros and cons in this domain too likewise others, that everyone is taking care of and looking after to resolve it to the best they can. As of now, GM & NISSAN have announced that they’ll go purely electric by 2030. I’m sure other players in this automobile industry will definitely and undoubtedly follow the suit. Let us now take a brief tour over the advantages and disadvantages of Electric Vehicles.

                                      ADVANTAGES OF EV :

                                      ECO-FRENDLY: When we talk about the environmental benefits, Electric Vehicles are way ahead of every segment as it is cutting off the roots of the pollution by emitting ZERO-POLLUTION unlike ICE. Running completely over batteries, Electric Vehicle is rising above the clouds than the ones running on Fuel engines. Zero Tailpipe Emission is being the talk of the day.


                                      RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE: We are well aware of the fact that renewable energy like wind energy & solar power way ahead when it comes to cleaner greener energy. As Electric Vehicles do not consume any of the fossil fuels and run completely on batteries so this makes it a clear source of RENEWABLE ENERGY. Undoubtedly, we can expect a sustainable future soon.


                                      COST EFFECTIVE: Because of its low running cost and low maintenance cost, electric vehicles are proved to be cost effective. Traditional Vehicles need petroleum & diesel to run their engines and that fuel, the country has to import on higher cost from overseas which is reducing not just the economy of the Nation but also on the same hand it is depleting the OZONE which is being hazardous to our health. Thus, adoption of EVs is COST EFFECTIVE.


                                      GOVERNMENT BENEFITS: Any revolution to bring in the Nation needs the approval of Nation’s Higher Authority that is The Government of India. So, the authority has come up with several benefits in supporting the citizens of the Nation to adopt & manufacture EVs at a faster rate under FAME II Scheme.


                                      PREVENTS NOISE POLLUTION & HAVE LOW MINTENANCE: Well, when we compare EVs with ICEs then they have comparatively lesser moving parts than ICE. So, they make negligible noise and hence prevents not only the air pollution but also noise pollution. As told above that EVs have lesser number of moving parts so the running cost & the maintenance cost in compare to ICE is much lesser. This is the reason why EV is COST EFFECTIVE also.


                                      Above mentioned are a few main advantages of EVs. But as discussed earlier that everything comes up with its pros & cons. Let us discuss in brief a few main disadvantages of EVs which is not ignored.


                                      HIGH INITIAL COST: Although the running and the maintenance cost of the EVs are much lesser than Internal Combustion Engines yet people are not adopting it as faster as required because of its higher INITIAL COST. Yes! EVs have higher Initial Cost than ICEs that a common man doesn’t afford to have it.


                                      CHARGING & LIMITATIONS: As we know that an EV takes approximately 4 to 6 hours in complete charging via AC Charger while approximately an hour or two via DC Charger (which is not recommended by the manufacturer). This time of charging is not good to go when we need to rush. This disadvantage drags EV behind on roads.


                                      LAGGING IN VARIETIES & RANGE: Well, if talk about the options in terms of the varieties and range in EVs then unfortunately we don't not have much in our bucket list. Whether we talk about the number of variants in one specific range or we talk about multiple ranges with different specifications, we actually do not have enough to offer.

                                       We presented is just a short glimpse of a few major drawbacks of EV.

                                      CONCLUSION: EV is the future of the globe so capitalizing for the higher demands in this EV Sector is undoubtedly a good option not only because the Government of India has imposed this rule on the Nation but also because it is for the sustainable future. If we are looking up to something that is and will be beneficial for the upcoming generations then we must neglect the mentioned drawbacks. Though the manufacturers need to work on several factors like the design, speed, variants, technology, the charging & discharging time etc.

                                      Everyone holds seminars/webinars and present their views & opinions over the RENEWABLE ERNERGY ERA or SUSTAINABLE FUTURE but how many of us are actually working 9 hours a day to attain it. A good motivational call by respected Narayana Murthy Sir, that every youngster should work at least 70 hours in a week, to attain what we look for other at. It’s not just the bigger players in the automobile Industry that need to work non-stop for hours, instead all of us must step ahead, and level-up ourselves to raise the economy of the country.

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