Beauty is going to hit sustainable future by Supido E Scooter


When we think of a sustainable future, we think of the past where there was no pollution at all. Is the era of solar energy, the era of renewable energy, the era of sustainability, all in dreams? Now, we can assure that we can bring back the era where there’ll be no or lesser pollution. Along with the global powers, Erisha has also the vision of net zero, for which the company is contributing effortlessly, by using the advanced technologies in e mobility and green hydrogen which tends to vanish carbon emissions and mitigating climate change.

Erisha is keenly moving ahead towards not only making the nation green but also is deeply concerned about providing employment and raising country’s economy by manufacturing complete indigenous products such as three wheelers, two wheelers and charging infrastructures. Initiating from the agriculture segment and establishing e mobility through its electric three wheelers, Erisha has now comes-up with its electric two-wheeler segment. We have seen several big brands like ather, ola, tvs, bajaj etc. which are having a good hold in the market for their two-wheelers. Now, there’s Erisha as well which is going to rule the market along with them.

Erisha has launched its 3 models in electric two-wheeler segment on 4th May which includes 2 scooty model & a high-speed electric bike. Let’s have a look at the beautiful features and specifications of electric two-wheel electric vehicle i.e., Supido. Along with its beautiful design, this sustainable product runs at a top speed of 70 kmph with a certified range of 130 km/charge. E supido ignited the road with its 4 modes i.e., low, medium, high and reverse.  Moving ahead with the cutting-edge technology, this electric two-wheel scooter has 1.5 kw of powerful motor with 3 kwh lithium-ion battery. Talking about its dynamic additional features, this high-speed two-wheel electric scooter in India has a digital display, usb port, water-bottle holder and has 10” tyres and is open up for the best electric scooters dealership in India and abroad. Erisha is giving an additional 39 months of warranty on its battery and motor. We aren’t limited to this only, you’ll be thrilled to know that this electric two-wheeler scooter is a complete in-house production, which clearly means that it is a complete make in India product.

Being the fastest growing e mobility company, Erisha has already marked its footprints in Kolkata, Indore, Srinagar and Karnataka and so on. Also, it’s now going to have another kalyan open, Pune, Maharashtra sooner. Come and occupy your area by getting in touch with Erisha as it offers a convenient price of the best electric vehicles in India. 


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