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The name has its own definition. Erisha E Supreme & E Supreme plus are full metallic body heavy load delivery van, comes in 2 sizes: 140 cu. ft. & 162 cu. ft. This is one among the best electric vehicles in India, launched by Erisha which is ruling the hearts of the consumers with its amazing design, unique features, load carrying capacity and powerful Lithium-ion 200 Ah fast charging 10.2 kwh battery of 51.2 V. This Electric three-wheeler carries a motor power of 10.5 kwh and runs at a speed of 50 kmph even with a hi-load of approx. 700 kgs.

Erisha e supreme is one of the best electric cargo loader vehicles in India. With the spectacular specifications and structure, there is a huge demand of Erisha electric auto, in India and overseas. Also, rising demand of Erisha 3-Wheeler dealerships and vacant territories are filling up soon. Erisha is offering an amazing price for its electric cargo three-wheeler vehicle.


Additionally, unlike others, Erisha has defined the infrastructure of its three-wheeler delivery van with 2-stage transmission which in turns is benefitting the consumers in plains and on hills as well, maintaining the gradeability of 15%. This hi-load electric vehicle is good-to-go as the electric goods vehicle for all the E-commerce companies in India and worldwide. Logistics companies can carry a hi-load and can run on the range of 130-160 km on a single charge on this e auto. A sustainable mode of transportation and future of the globe is Electric vehicle.

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