E Smart- One among the affordable modes of transportation

                                                              E SMART 

Metropolitan cities are very crowded. And because of the larger distance travelled from one place to another, one has to have a mode of transport. We do usually have metros, trams, local trains, three wheelers, buses, and public transport etc. But our country has a major population which lies below the poverty line. For such masses, we need to have such public transport which seems to be cheaper and convenient.

Erisha brings in E Smart high-definition e auto that is convenient and cheaper to use as a mode of transport in the local areas. This 3wheeler electric auto is categorized in L5 M(HD), and has a powerful Lithium-ion 200 Ah battery of 51.2 V. Erisha has the best three wheelers in India, among which is E-Smart (high definition), which runs fabulously at the speed of 50 kmph. This electric auto rickshaw has a certified range of 206 km/c. Unlike others, Erisha’s three-wheel electric vehicle, with its 2stage reduction transmission is benefitting the consumer both at hills and in plains as well maintaining a gradeability of 12.28%. Although, Erisha’s e smart is certified in 3+1 category yet this three-wheel scooter in India has the capacity to carry a high payload of approximately 700 kgs.

As the crowded cities already in a stage of high noise, e smart three-wheeler electric scooter has come up with not only zero tailpipe emissions but also negligible noise pollution. This amazing full metallic body e auto is good-to-go from the remote areas to the urban cities. Attaining the sustainability, Erisha is moving towards net zero zone at a high speed with its electric segment.

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