Bike - where power meets passion.


Erisha is constantly working towards attaining sustainable future. Stepping into the world of Electric Mobility to Green hydrogen, no doubt Erisha is soon going to touch the pinnacles of success. Company under Rana Group of Industries is rapidly exploring the latest techniques and shaping up its products. Also, it is one of the fastest growing E mobility companies in India, holds a firm grip from agriculture to space. Erisha phenomenally launched its 3 models of electric two wheelers, in the market to meet the rising demand in two-wheel electric vehicle. One among those is electric bike named as Vigueur.

Bike - where power meets passion. One of the counted adventurous sporty vehicles which comes with its dynamic features, captivating looks, resonates an influential spirit and radiates an unmatched depth. Love of the youth adds in itself a touch of luxury with culture to its impressive beauty. The charm of this new electric bike is setting a comfort statement, and accelerating zeal among the youth by its dynamism. This splendid machine elevates the comfort factor with its telescopic suspension at the front while heavy spring-loaded suspension at the rear. This electric bike is being the center of attraction specifically in youth marking its footprints by its all-black aluminum alloys along with 17” tyres, leaving the roads behind at the top speed of 85-90 kmph with 156 km of range on a single charge. Running on a powerful battery of 3.7 kwh, electric bike holds a heavy-loaded motor of 3 kw, and an automatic transmission, saving itself from the ground with its clearance of 215 mm.


Thinking of a new electric bike, Erisha Vigueur is the one to opt for. Erisha is offering new dealerships in India on affordable price. Now, from a common man to the e commerce companies need not to fuel up their tanks and empty their pockets on the travels, just a single charge and they are good-to-go. Electric vehicle dealerships in India are a big boon to the Nation. From villages to towns and urban metropolitan cities, electric bike and electric scooters are growing fastest in demand because of the highly occupied roads and narrow infrastructures. 

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