Choosing an Electric Scooter in 2024 : Factors to Consider While Buying from Indian Manufacturers

A revolution that was so awaited, has now begun to electrify the globe with its feature that shall lead the globe to a sustainable future. Yes! we are here talking about the hot topic of the world. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are being the talk of the town, everywhere. It’s sparkling the nation and the globe with its high time need to curb pollution & attain a sustainable future. In addition to this, EVs are also helping to boost Nation’s economy by saving a huge amount of the import cost, because of the lesser petroleum import .Round the clock, everyone is bringing in new advanced cutting-edge technologies to make EVs viable for the end-product customer in every way. We have nearly 700 Electric scooters manufacturers in India. Among those only a few are the good players in the domestic market, and only 3-4 are leading the market.

Though EV space is a developing sector, constant R&D  programmes, are running in the manufacturing sector, in an effort to make it better every time. Although EVs have a few working parts, yet every single part needs to be made with proper R&D, from battery to motor to controller to suspension and brakes. Every part plays a vital role.

Let’s talk about the most expensive and the most important part i.e., battery of the electric scooter. This carries nearly 40% of the total cost of the electric scooter. As per OEMs, it generally has 1200 to 1500 cycles. One must keep in mind that the battery of the product should neither be fully charged nor be fully discharged.

Although battery manufacturers nowadays are coming up with more advanced BMS, the charging and discharging of the battery must be a focused point of concern. Also, it must get charged by that one charger provided by the OEM, to maintain the durability of the product’s battery. The OEMs are constantly working to provide more benefits to the consumer. Now, we have IP 67 Batteries which are wash proof, and so are safe while in rains too. The next major role is played by the motor of the Electric scooter. The quality & warranty of motor the OEM provided by the OEMs are a matter of concern. Low quality motor should not be preferred as it leads to early failure. Keeping in mind the weather conditions, the product shouldn’t be kept in the sun or in heavy rain for a long period. Though machines are weather sensitive, it may also lead to some kind of failure so try to park your vehicle in the shade as much as possible. One of the most important points of concern is that drivers must not continue tapping the brakes as keeping the foot on the brakes continuously may lead to more current inflow. It then heats up the motor which in turn leads to its failure.

When we talk about the domestic market, as told there are approximately 700 electric scooter manufacturers in India, which are using the components imported from either China or Taiwan, which doubts not just the durability of the product but also force us to think about the repairing of an electric scooter. Now we shall discuss about the factors to be considered when buying an electric scooter from the Indian manufacturers, which are stated below

TCO (Total Cost Ownership) :Total Cost of Ownership states a way to calculate & compare  the cost of owning and operating a vehicle for a certain period of time. It includes the  purchase cost, charging cost and the maintenance cost. Let’s assume that though the purchase cost of an electric vehicle is comparatively higher than that of ICE, yet the charging cost &  maintenance cost of an electric scooter plays a dynamic role in terms of Total Cost Ownership. As in comparison to the Internal Combustion Engines, Electric Vehicle’s charging/operating & maintenance cost is almost negligible .

Incentives schemes by Government of India (GOI) : FAME (Faster Adoption & Manufacturing    of Electric Vehicles) SCHEME is a profit scheme for the manufacturers, the sellers, and the      consumers. FAME 1 & FAME 2 which aimed to promote the use of EVs in the Nation to reduce fossil fuels dependence and thus lower the harmful emissions. The GOI categorized electric   vehicles based on its respective batteries and technical specifications, based on which the subsidy would be granted from the Central & the State Government to the OEMs & the end-user. It focused on the adoption of the whole EV eco-system in India. The GOI decided to provide subsidy on electric 2wheelers, 3wheelers, 4wheelers along with the electric buses. Under this FAME in India, registration fees & road Tax on electric bikes, scooters, cars, and electric buses are comparatively much lesser than fuel vehicles. Many State Governments provide big subsidies to the consumer. Central Govt. is also providing subsidies directly to OEM based on their sales under FAME II scheme. Moreover, GST is reduced to 5% on the electric vehicles compared to the standard GST rates which is 18% for other vehicles.  


RANGE: It refers to the average/mileage of an electric scooter before its battery needs to be recharged. As the era is of high-speed vehicles i.e., L5 category vehicles. The range of the L5 vehicles  rise from 70 km per single charge to 120+ km per single charge. Do keep in mind that there are several factors such as the size of the battery, motor, weather conditions and many other factors, which directly affect the range of an electric scooter. The longer the range, the heavier and bigger the battery of the product.

MAINTENANCE & DURABILITY: This is technically the most important factor to consider when we are specifically discussing buying an electric vehicle from the Indian manufacturers. We are mentioning this specifically because when the product is completely MAKE IN INDIA, it will automatically provide a satisfaction in the AFTER-SALES-SERVICE of  the product to the end-  product customer, which is the prior need of the hour. Mainly, the consumer is hesitating to buy an electric scooter because most of the companies including the bigger players in the market are coming up with the Chinese components in assembling, which if gets damaged, cannot be repaired soon as there is comparatively much lesser scope of the repairing of the component in a desired time interval.


What is a good reliable electric scooter?

As EVs are on its boom & electrifying the domestic & international market with its no carbon emissions, we must not forget to consider the major factors one must keep in mind while  opening his pocket  for an electric scooter. The factors are as follows:

• Build Quality: We must look for electric scooters that are made with durable materials such as aluminium or steel frames, tenacious wheels and quality components. A well-built electric scooter is less likely to have issues over time and thus proves to be more durable.   

• Battery Life: Considering an electric scooter’s battery capacity along with its warranty is a must factor. In addition to it, to ensure the best quality of an electric scooter, the one with Li-ion equipped batteries with IP67 approved must be considered to protect the battery from dust & water. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter in weight & have high-energy density. One can ensure an ideal performance & durability with Li-ion batteries. Being one of the costliest components in an electric scooter which carries almost 40% of the total cost of an electric scooter, it plays a vital role in the running of an electric scooter. One must be very careful while maintaining the battery of an electric scooter as advised by the OEMs.

• Range: Another major factor that have a major impact for a reliable electric scooter is its range. It really matters for the end-product consumer of how far an electric scooter travels on a single charge. Go and opt for such models of electric scooters with longer ranges if you’re planning to use the electric scooter for longer commutes.


• Motor Power & Speed: Keeping a close check on the scooter’s motor power which affects the acceleration & top speed in an electric scooter. Make sure its powerful enough to commute in a city. • Braking System: Look out for the electric scooters with reliable braking systems such as dual disc brakes or regenerative braking. It is essential for safety, especially when riding at a higher speed or in busy urban environments.

• Suspension System: Suspension systems in an electric scooter can help absorb the shocks or the jerks and help keep an electric scooter and the user maintained the balance. Consider the electric scooters with front or dual suspension if riding on bumpy roads or trails.

• Warranty: Look for electric scooters with a warranty and reliable after-sales service in case you encounter any issues or need assistance with maintenance or repairs. By considering the above key factors , one can choose an electric scooter that is not only reliable but also well-suited to your specific needs & references

CONCLUSION: To attain a better product, which provides a satisfaction in terms of AFTER-SALE-SERVICE, and Boost Vocal for Local , is the only product which comes with its durability and thus brings productivity in sales, which boost the economy in every way. 

ERISHA E MOBILITY PRIVATE LIMITED is well known in the domestic as well as the international market for its MAKE IN INDIA manufacturing which makes the product viable in the market mainly because of its AFTER-SALE-SERVICE. So, read, explore and learn to know and consider the factors that lead us to the Indian Manufacturers of Electric scooters. Lend your helping hand in providing vehicle ownership to yourself and help in bringing boom to the Nation’s economy by reducing import of non-renewable fuel oils for Internal Combustion Engines Vehicles.

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