Electric Two Wheelers are a boon to the Nation



Technology has changed everybody’s life to a great extent. We are stepping ahead with the advanced techs by every passing day, and making our lives yet more convenient in every possible way. If we talk about transport, it is the fundamental requirement in today’s world. And everyone is running behind occupying as more of vehicles as they can afford. Because of which pollution is being the most hazardous issue in the Nation and worldwide.

But science & technologies have the solution to every problem. Now, we have Electric Vehicles that are acting as a boon to the society, emitting absolute zero tailpipe pollution, cost-effective, have comparatively much lower running & maintenance cost along with various Government benefits.

Let’s now have a detailed discussion in what ways and to what extent Electric 2 Wheelers are important to us.


  • AFFORDABLE RANGE: Expenses increases with increased income. So, everyone needs to plan his/her expenses in such a way that he/she carries no debts along with her which is again a bigger issue and never gets vanished. An Electric 2Wheeler is a must-go companion for every class. It comes under affordable ranges. Also, the end-customer need not to worry about the raising price of the fuels that the Nation is importing from overseas. Just a cable connection from the domestic meter and charge your product via AC Charger provided by the OEMs. 
  • ZERO TAILPIPE EMISSIONS: As discussed above in brief, pollution since decades has been increasing on an extreme level and we have to stop it by hook or by crook so that we may have a clean environment to breathe in. Electric Vehicle are proved to be one of the solutions to this major running problem. Unlike ICE, EVs do not consume any fuel and so do not emit any harmful gasses. Thus, EVs is equal to ZERO TAILPIPE EMISSIONS.

  • SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: We are well aware of the fact that renewable energy like wind energy & solar power way ahead when it comes to cleaner greener energy. As Electric Vehicles do not consume any of the fossil fuels and run completely on batteries so this makes it a clear source of RENEWABLE ENERGY. Undoubtedly, we can expect a sustainable future soon.

  • LOWER RUNNING COST: Although the initial cost is comparatively higher than ICE because of its parts and advanced technology but when the running cost is concerned, it is almost negligible in comparison to ICE. EVs do not consume any kind of fuel and run completely over electric batteries. So, one can consume the product without any price raising tensions.


  • COST EFFECTIVE: Because EVs have only a few moving parts, so by default, one need not to worry about the maintenance of those parts. The battery consists of a few cells, in which if a cell is damaged, it can either be repaired or can be replaced as well. Traditional Vehicles need petroleum & diesel to run their engines and that fuel, the country has to import on higher cost from overseas which is reducing not just the economy of the Nation but also on the same hand it is depleting the OZONE which is being hazardous to our health. Thus, adoption of EVs is COST EFFECTIVE. 
  • GOVERNMENT BENEFITS: Everything that has to come in use has to be Government certified. And when the government itself comes up with several benefits then it's like ICING ON THE CAKE. Any revolution to bring in the Nation needs the approval of Nation’s Higher Authority that is The Government of India. So, the authority has come up with several benefits in supporting the citizens of the Nation to adopt & manufacture EVs at a faster rate under FAME II Scheme.  
  • CONCLUSION: So, above we have read how the OEMs along with GOI are helping the consumer exclusively for accepting ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Also, how beneficial is and will be the acceptance of Electric Vehicles in order to attain a sustainable future. The sooner will be the acceptance and consumption of the Electric Vehicles the sooner will have a Sustainable Future. 2Wheelers are proved to be a good-to-go companion from teenagers to ladies and further even to the senior-citizens.


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