The Green Energy-Exploring the Environmental Benefits of Electric Auto Adoption

Go Clean, Go Green has been the slogan across the globe for ages. But now the revolution has begun. Everyone is vigorously accelerating their speed towards attaining a sustainable future for themselves and the generations to come. For instance, India is focused towards achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2030. Similarly, targeting  renewable energy at the core of the strategies, Denmark is keen in establishing a Net Zero goal by 2050, to have a Fossil Fuel-Free Electricity Sector by 2030. Likewise, from France to NZ to Canada, UK, and China etc. every nation across the globe is robust in the race to Net Zero Emissions. The Electric Auto emerges as a crucial player in this global movement, symbolizing a cleaner, greener future for transportation and environmental well-being .

The Role of Electric Vehicles in Greening the Planet                                                                                                                           

We usually discuss the hazardous effects of climate change, and then a high jump onto the adoption of EVs. Electric Vehicles denotes a symbol of a sustainable future besides the electricity besides its charging is generated from the renewable sources like wind and solar etc. Climate change is undoubtedly an urgent issue which is pushing green technologies and making it a priority. EVs – Electric Vehicle isn’t a choice anymore, rather it’s commitment & an updated lifestyle to a Green Drive. A drive which is environmental-friendly, aiming at reducing carbon emissions and bringing in a revolutionary change in climate. Electric vehicles not only reduce carbon emission but also minimize carbon footprint as these get charged using renewable energy sources. The unification of wind, solar, and other renewable energies into the electric grid makes the Green Revolution even more powerful because it no longer relies upon fossil fuels, which gives a substantial decrease in greenhouse gases. 


Electric Auto Adoption Across Industries


Let’s talk about the fleet operators or the FMCG Companies, they are rapidly switching towards Electric Auto. From traditional 3-wheeler auto to Electric auto rickshaw, every e auto is on its boom consumption. OEMs are hitting the market with their advanced technologies of e auto, focusing on the basic needs & requirements of the consumer of E Auto. The major requirement in Electric Auto has always been its range so that the end-product customer need not wait to get his Electric auto recharge and stop his wages for yet another 4 hours. Another key feature is the 3-wheeler auto price. Let’s discuss this part as this plays a pivotal role in the electric auto sector. The community that belongs to the end-product user of Electric auto are the ones who run on WES process i.e., Work-Earn-Spend process in the daily basis. Everyone knows electric 3-wheeler auto price in India is comparatively higher than the one of ICE. Technologies matter and cost higher. But if the OEMs plays on the volume, then it’ll be quite easy for the end-product user to choose n pick an electric auto for his consumption which will not only be pocket friendly for the user but also be environmentally friendly for all. 


Accelerating E Auto Adoption                                                                                                                                                         

The way we are exploring the environmental benefits of electric auto adoption, we are also exploring the new ways to accelerate Electric auto adoption. The more is the adoption, the more will be the significant impact of electric vehicles in mitigating climate change and moving the planet towards a Green Planet with its Green Drive. 

 At  ERISHA E MOBILITY PRIVATE LIMITED , we have hit the market with a wide range and variety of electric auto, includes electric auto 3-wheeler passenger vehicle (HD) – E Super ,electric auto 3-wheeler delivery van -E Supreme (140 & 162 cubic feet), electric auto 3-wheeler cargo vehicle – E Superior and electric auto 3-wheeler passenger vehicle (compact) – E Smart. We are offering flexible after-sales services to satisfy our end-product users, to enhance the adoption of electric vehicles. Along with this, we have astounding infrastructure & specifications which attract the attention of the seller and the consumer .Those who want to get on the Green Drive, wholeheartedly embracing the dealership opportunities and joining the chain of this Electric Revolution.


Every day every minute, scientists are coming up with new advanced technologies to explore what and how we can give to the environment at our best so that we can attain a sustainable future for us and the generations to come. The automotive Industry has taken the lead in bringing Net Zero Emissions. Electric Vehicles and sustainable environment go together. Green Hydrogen is a step ahead of it. Erisha E Mobility has taken an oath to develop more convenient electric auto and other electric vehicles to provide ease to the people for the adoption of electric vehicles. Erisha is consistently working on the advanced technologies of how to overcome the long hours of charging, increase the range i.e., the total kilometers on a single charge, lowering down the price by increasing the volume. Also, working on its speed with an average payload.  


Frequently Asked Question 

Ques: How does an electric auto work?

Ans : An electric auto has a very few key components unlike the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). Those are:

  1. Electric Motor: PMSM are the most widely used motors used in electric auto. It uses AC power.
  2. Inverter: It converts DC power into AC power, used in a e auto motor. It can even change the speed at which the motor rotates by adjusting the frequency of the Alternate Current.
  3. Battery: Battery is the costliest and the most part in an electric auto. It is also known as the spine of an electric auto. An electric auto uses a battery to store electrical energy that is ready to use. Battery is made of various cells that are when combined in groups as called modules. It is the battery which store enough energy and then make an electric auto ready to use. Earlier, Lead-Acid Batteries were used in electric autos but now Lithium-Ion Batteries have taken the lead in the market. Lithium-Ion batteries have a very low rate of discharge which make an electric auto not lose its charge even when not in use for weeks.
  4. Controller: It is known as the brain of an electric auto as it manages all the parameters of an electric vehicle. Seeking information from the battery, It also controls the RoC. Also, it translates pressure on the accelerator pedal to adjust the speed in the motor inverter.

Ques : How far can electric autos travel on a single charge? 

Ans : Likewise, Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), there are several factors that affect the range of an electric auto. These are :

Battery Size: Range depends upon the size of the battery used in an electric auto. The bigger the size, the more will be the range of an e auto. The range also depends upon the fresh product or the used-up. If the battery is new, the cells of the battery will work more vigorously than the used up one.

  • Driving Style: Range varies with your driving style. For instance, with average speed, you can have a good range while running your vehicle at a higher speed will automatically decrease your range.
  • Efficiency of the vehicle: Efficiency directly affects the range of an electric auto. By maximizing it, range of an electric vehicle can have a boom in it. This states that with the increase of the efficiency of an e auto, EV can travel longer distance on a single charge. It will also alleviate range anxiety and provide a more practical driving experience.
  • Temperature also plays an important role in the range of an electric auto. For instance, if we switch on the AC or Blower in our electric vehicle, that will consume energy from the battery, which in turn will have an impact on the range of an electric auto.


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