Erisha E-Mobility on boards Sourav Ganguly as a Brand Ambassador

Erisha E-Mobility a prominent manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fuel cell buses is pleased to inform that Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, has joined Erisha E-Mobility as its brand ambassador. The statement comes as the corporation concentrates on encouraging environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of mobility in India and beyond.

Along with introducing Sourav Ganguly as a new brand ambassador, Rana Group has also soft-launched Electric 2 Wheelers, an app for smart charging, charging stations, and OHEO - the full solution for electric vehicles, helping with everything from sales to after-sales, financing to insurance, vehicle engagement to aggregating passenger services to planning labour for porter services and other related services.

“Our team is thrilled to work with Mr. Sourav Ganguly and is excited to announce this partnership,” said Mr. Darshan Singh Rana, CMD and Chairman of Rana Group. “We believe that Mr. Sourav Ganguly is a true representation of what our brand stands for, and we are looking forward to the positive impact that he will bring to our company.

As a well-known public figure, Ganguly's association with the brand is expected to enhance its visibility and credibility among potential customers. Ganguly has a large following in India, and his endorsement of Erisha E-Mobility's EVs and hydrogen fuel cell buses is expected to create awareness about sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation in India.

Mr. Ganguly Quote “I am ecstatic to be connected with the Rana Group, which is focused on advancing technology, e-mobility, sustainability, and trying to make India and the world a better place to live. Their desire to make the world a safer place and the company's basic principles, which are being led by all senior professionals, align with my beliefs about innovation, inspiration, teamwork, and cutting-edge winning tactics. I have a good feeling that our collaboration will lead to a cleaner, more technologically advanced planet.

By focusing on the fundamental principles of ethics and honesty, every company under the Rana Group's umbrella will make history in its industry. The transformation will be outstanding.

A brand is the collection of memories, stories, relationships, and expectations that collectively explain why a consumer chooses one good or service over another. The mindset and ideology of Rana Group will carve out a niche in the Indian and international markets.”

It is a great moment for M/s Erisha E Mobility Private Limited to officially announce the opening of 101 showrooms pan India and the start of billing of Electric 3 Wheelers to end consumers.

The company is proud to launch altogether new team leaders Mr. Sudhir Rana, Director – Operations and Ms. Anshu Parmar/ Ms. Sheetal Purohit – Co-founder to lead Erisha E Mobility Private Limited and Erisha Edu Support LLP respectively.

Erisha Green Hydrogen Energy Pvt. Ltd is committed to promoting sustainability in all aspects of its operations. Hydrogen is believed as ‘the fuel of the future’ It is the most abundant chemical element in the universe. Erisha Green Hydrogen Energy have got the technology of generating, storage, and transportation of Hydrogen. The company strives to minimize its environmental impact by using renewable energy sources and implementing efficient production processe.

Inconclusion, Erisha Green Hydrogen Energy is a leading company in the production of green hydrogen, which is a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. With its advanced technology and commitment to sustainability, the company is poised to play a key role in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

About Erisha E Mobility Private Limited has already launched the Electric 3 Wheelers (L5) segment – all variants, AC and DC Charging stations, and the upcoming ventures are Electric 4 Wheelers – Cargo, Electric Buses, and Hydrogen Trucks. Erisha E Mobility offers a wide range of electric vehicles, including e-scooters, e-bikes, and electric three-wheelers. The company also offers hydrogen fuel cell buses that are being used by various state governments and private organizations for public transportation.

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