Erisha's E-Buses and E-Trucks are the game changers

Within a strong landscape lies a sustainable future. With FAME by GOI, India has accelerated its speed in adopting electric vehicles (EVs). Electric 2Wheelers, 3Wheelers, E-Buses, E-Trucks are being the game changer in the Nation. Emerged as a revolution across the globe, electric vehicles are not limited to aim at reducing pollution but also providing the locals with advancement of technologies. Nation’s capital – Delhi becomes India’s leading city in acquiring most electric buses. The capital has launched 400 new e-buses ahead of G20 Summit held in the city in September 2K23, which just not did the make-over of the Rajdhani but also shown the globe that India is not behind any one in attaining Net-Zero ASAP. 

Although acquiring a vast landscape, one of the highly populated nations holds busiest streets. The city traffic involves frequent accelerating & braking which makes, these electric heavy-duty vehicles, e-buses, and e-trucks superior to the fuel consuming ICE. Battery electric vehicles can convert most of the kinetic energy back into batteries during braking thus reducing brake wear. In a result, the use of e-buses & e-trucks takeover ice consumption as it also reduces noise and air pollution which is at peak especially in cities.  India is aimed to get 50,000 electric buses on the busiest roads of the nation by 2K27, in collaboration with US finance mechanism. Also, as per Indian & US officials’ statements at COP28 event, $390 million fund will act as a guarantee for OEMs seeking loans to expand their production. Also, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) claimed that e-buses & e-trucks are comparatively more superior as they are more profitable. Electric buses generate 27% more revenue and 82% more profit than a giant wheeler run on internal combustion engine. 

Driven by using electric motors unlike ICE, e-buses & e-trucks can store the electricity needed on board and fed non-stop from an external source. Talking about the range of electric vehicles, mainly e-buses & e-trucks as these are heavy load carriers, we must be significantly careful about a few key factors that impact the range and of course the durability of an EV battery. Though it’s one that machine that runs on battery, a careful management of climate change (heat/cold) along with the mindfulness of driving habits (aggressive driving consumes more energy, thus reducing the range), payload and towing, terrain & elevation, tire pressure & accessories (when required) off-set the impact of the secondary systems of EV.

Just like Tata Motors, BYD, JBM motors, Volvo, Olectra Greentech (bigger players in the market), with the aim of an absolute zero-carbon-emission, ERISHA offered low-floor, semi low-floor with 7m/9m/12m/13.5m length of electric buses for fleet operators with long mileage on a single charge at an attractively price which can be affordable for the end-user.

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