Oheo High Speed E Scooter is the talk of the town

Electric OHEO  is being the talk of the town especially in the metropolitan cities. People are facing hazardous effects from this worse air quality which is getting higher by every passing day. GOI efforts seem not to be hit up to the mark every time. We all know the root cause of it but are we this much incapable of root it out? Certainly not. But the problem is that it’s not that convenient to execute the things as it is to invent. Going through both pain and pleasure is fine as long as we are not overly consumed by either of them and as long as we can focus on our life’s purpose and goals. Here, we have been over consuming pollution or in better words I must say that we have been over consuming ICE which in turns being the prominent reason for breaking the bars of pollution. 

Electric Scooters are warmly welcomed by everyone across the Nation. Being the most convenient one, these electric two wheeler scooters acquire lesser space as compared to all other vehicles. When the bigger players like Ola Electric, Ather energy, Bajaj, TVS, Hero MotoCorp, Revolt, Chetak, Greaves Electric etc., in the market came forward with their single models and different variants, Erisha has launched its 3 supreme models (Oheo, Supido and Vigueur) on 4th May 2K23 at Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi. The launch of the electric two wheelers was done by Mr. Sourav Ganguly as the Brand Ambassador. Dada came forward to support the aim of Erisha E Mobility which is rapidly heading towards attaining a sustainable future with its future vision. Not only this, Erisha is the only one who’s target is after-sales-service, where customer satisfaction matters at the prior level. The core vision of Erisha is customer-delight.


When we talk about electric vehicles, we talk about batteries, motors, running and maintenance cost, charging time etc. As there are only a few moving parts in an electric vehicle so it is more viable for the end-product-user. One need not to worry about the maintenance cost of the electric two-wheeler. Also, there will be no stress of the rate of inflation of fuel. One can enjoy a hassle-free ride on electric Oheo. Every OEM is trying to provide the best in technology, but the competition is on the price segment as one of the major areas where the customer stuck is the price analysis. The initial as well as the running & maintenance cost matters in an electric scooter. Although the running and the maintenance cost in an electric vehicle is negligible yet the initial cost stressed-up the customer’s pocket. Features do matter but the paramount thing is the value-for-money. 

Let’s now talk about the key features of Erisha electric two-wheeler oheo which is being the talk of the town since its launch.  With its beauty and amazing features, it’s accelerating on 80 km/hour of its speed with a range of 140 km/charge. With all four modes, the powerful motor has the capacity of 3 kw with battery of 3.2 kwh. With a LCD display and all other smart features, this two-wheeler electric vehicle has 12” tyres. As informed earlier that Erisha’s core vision is to have the customer delight at every cost so Erisha benefits the customers with 39 months of warranty on its battery & motor.

Why to wait then? Go rush, don’t miss the opportunity. Erisha is open-up for the amazing dealerships in electric two-wheeler segment. One of the best dealerships in India at absolute affordable price. Electric scooter is the future of local transportation from the fmcg companies to the households. Go grab the dealerships from Pune, Maharashtra to kalyan open to Jammu. Erisha electric is reaching to your doorstep.

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