Saurav Ganguly is a Brand Ambassador of Erisha E Mobility

Saurav Ganguly is a Brand Ambassador of Erisha E Mobility. Recently he is also appointed brand ambassador of West Bengal. He is a well known figure worldwide in the cricket, he worked as Chairman of BCCI. He is known for sustainability and risk mitigation person during hard ride.

Saurav Ganguly has praised the team and management of Erisha E Mobility for its growth in green energy, green hydrogen, electric vehicles and many other domains.

Erisha E Mobility produced high performance electric vehicles i.e. Electric Two Wheelers - Supido, OHEO, and Vigeur, Electric Three Wheelers - E Super, E Smart, E Superior, E Supreme, E Supreme Plus, Electric Light Commercial Vehicles, Electric Buses, Electric Charging Stations. 

Erisha E Mobility also engaged in development of eco system for green hydrogen which is needed for sustainable fuel for the world. 

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