EV Dealership is a big business opportunity in India

Business in short is one such part of life which is essential to live a blissful life. This is the source of income that one tries to give his best in so that he may provide 2 meals a day to his family. One must go for the domain in which he either has sufficient experience or can gain enough knowledge about it before executing it. Business has various scales & scope from sole proprietorship to partnerships firm, even on a domestic or international scale. But the main point is one must choose it wisely as it takes approximately an year to settle a business in market. One must go through the market potential of the part of segment which shall be rising higher in the coming years. If we are going to invest our savings in any segment, we need to make sure that specific one holds a good future. For instance, today EV Market holds a really commendable future. Its main reason is being the disastrous level of pollution which is increasing by every second.

ICE on roads is in bulk, emitting hazardous gasses, depleting OZONE, and harming the Mother Earth. Electric Vehicle has proven to be a boon in our country. We can easily say that EV is the future of the Nation. If one plans to invest his savings then this is the best time to invest in EV Market as it is going to expand in a very shorter time but for a longer-term. Electric Vehicles are replacing Internal Combustion Engines in all the variants, whether it be 3 Wheelers, 2 Wheelers, 4 Wheelers, Electric Busses etc. Always remember that problem only gets vanished when we try cutting the roots of it. The solutions can only reduce the issue but cannot vanish it. Electric Vehicles are going to reduce the major issue of pollution to a great extent because it is reducing the number of ICE running on roads. So, moving ahead towards the Renewable Energy Era, on must go ahead and choose ELECTRIC VEHICLE DELAERSHIP as his business. The main benefit of entering in this domain is that it’s quite easy to understand the norms of the segment and there’s not lot to study about it as it’s a new chapter that has just begun in the market. Above all, as an EV Dealer, at present you aren’t going to face a micro-competition. If you want to be the one who could bring EV to the consumer of the product, this is the high time to open up your pockets. Let’s discuss a few key points to go well with the benefits of this domain.
Let’s begin with “GO CLEAN, GO GREEN” 

Alright! So, when we talk about EV, we are talking about AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, which is huge. And if we are bringing in a revolutionary change in this huge segment, taking it on another level in terms of technology, then it is something out of the box. And EVs have bulged out as a Trigger in this domain. The rising demand of EVs along with the government support in the form of FAME, has opened up various doors in this segment for the Entrepreneurs & Business-minded people to be the first in introducing an EV to the consumer by tapping into EV DEALERSHIP. Let’s discuss in brief as why EV Dealership is a Big Business Opportunity not only in India but across the globe.

ECO-FRIENDLY FUTURE: We cannot have a green planet just by saying it. Instead, the things need to be implemented and come into existence. Upcoming era is the era of Renewable Energy. Government is keenly working towards it. Absolutely no emission of harmful gasses by the running motors, leads to what we are actually looking for. No doubt, we are planting n number of tress across the globe. But does that solve the issue to the required extent? The answer would clearly be a big NO. But that doesn’t mean to stop plantation. It is benefitting us in several manners. But all I’m here trying to say is that if we want to curb this pollution then we need to cut out its roots from its core. And that we can do by cutting down the pollution from the roads. The main reason for the rapid increase in pollution is the usage of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). We have to reduce its number ASAP and thus bring in the ECO-FRIENDLY SUSTAINABLE FUTURE that we all are badly struggling for. 

BENEFITS BY THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA: It’s always a higher authority which imposes laws and regulations. To encourage the one (An EV Dealer) who will introduce the product to the ultimate user, Central & State Government have come up with several subsidy benefits. Registration fees & Road Tax on Electric Bikes & Electric Scooters are comparatively much lesser than fuel vehicles. Many State Governments provide big subsidies to the consumer. Central Govt. is also providing subsidy directly to OEMs based on their sales under FAME II scheme.

Save Import Cost: We all know that petroleum is being import mostly from Middle East, Iraq and Saudi Arabia which requires lots of money in the form of Import Cost whereas Electricity is being produced in house. So, with the rapid use of Electric Scooters, we can save the currency. Saving the currency from going outside is better as we can utilise it within. Thus invest the same for the well-being of the Nation.

Above brief clears how capitalising on the raising demand of EVs along with the benefits provided by the Government of India and diversifying offerings, one can easily establish a profitable business and hold the sale in the market for his respective area while lending his hand in bringing a sustainable future that we all are struggling for from years. No doubt, it’s a revolution that is going to be the future of the Nation & the globe.

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