Why to go for Electric bikes & electric scooters

POLLUTION – It’s being one of the most challenging topics not only in the Nation but worldwide. Depletion of Ozone Layer is proving hazardous for Mother Earth. We have to bring such a revolution which will not only save us at but also cherish the beauty of the Planet Earth. It’ll be a gift to our future generations to come.

Numerous changes are being made by the government bodies in their respective Nations but are we actually succeeding or do our little efforts are much more than sufficient in stopping the major reason of Global Warming? The answer would clearly be NO.

Planting trees has been one of the important calls to reduce its effect but this is not sufficient. We have to cut the root of pollution by hook or by crook. We have to cure this at any & every cost.

Well, none of us is unaware of the rapidly increase in population, which gives rise to increase of demand in vehicles. This clearly means more pollution because of the consumption of fossil fuel. Fuels like petrol, diesel emit harmful gasses which is adversely affecting our health & thus our planet. To curb this major problem, we have to bring in a revolutionary change in the day-to-day lives and cut the roots of pollution.

Here comes an amazing innovation in the form of ELECTRIC VEHICLES.

ELECTRIC VEHICLES – EV is that one innovation by the innovative minds which brings in a sigh of relief. The name clearly depicts its meaning i.e.  Vehicles which run on electricity. WOW! This means now we don’t have to use fuel at all while driving one place to another. No fuel means no pollution. NO pollution means no depletion of the Ozone Layer which ultimately means that A SAFEST PLANET TO LIVE IN.

This innovation brings in Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters, Electric Busses, Electric Cars etc. That depicts that whatever means of transport people are using in day-to-day lives will completely be pollution free. They will not emit harmful gasses which is a major reason for pollution.

Thus, Electric Vehicles have replaced INTERNAL COMBSTION ENGINES (ICE) and no doubt there will be a revolution sooner when the roads will be Pollution-Free and we’ll be living in a Hassle-Free Nation.

 Now, we’ll have a clear look on the main advantages of Electric Bikes & electric Scooters .

  • Eco-Friendly: As we all know that Electricity can be produced by Wind-Mills or by Water (hydro Projects). It states that we do not need any kind of fuel in generating electricity. No fuel means no emissions of harmful gasses like Nitrogen Dioxides & Carbon Dioxides. Also, it emits Hydrocarbons & Lead which all are hazardous for the health of living beings. So, it is very much clear that Electric Bikes & Electric Scooters are very much eco-friendly unlike fuel vehicles.


  • Cost Effective: Electric Bikes are comparatively cost saving because of no fuel consumption. As Electric Bikes run on Batteries and batteries get charged by electricity which is much cheaper than fuel. This makes an Electric Bike more efficient than any fuel vehicle. So, even the middle class, which is more than 70% in the Nation, can afford to have an Electric Bike. The total cost of ownership is quite low.


  • Low Maintenance Cost: The running cost of an Electric Bike is also low because of comparatively lesser moving parts than an ICE. When we talk about the maintenance cost of an Electric Bike, it majorly depends upon the battery & motor. However, check-ups of the other parts like brakes, suspension, steering etc. can be done at the regular intervals. Precautionary measures for not letting the battery completely discharged, to be taken.


  • No Emission: As we all know that Electric Vehicles run on batteries which are charged by electricity. So, when there is electricity as fuel in vehicle, there will absolutely be no emission of the gasses for which fuel vehicles are constructed with Tailpipe. So, no Tailpipe means no emission which means no pollution. In fact, we can further reduce the environmental impact of charging our vehicle by choosing renewable charging options for Home Electricity.


  • Subsidy & Benefits by the Government: Registration fees & Road Tax on Electric Bikes & Electric Scooters are comparatively much lesser than fuel vehicles. Many State Governments provide big subsidies to the consumer. Central Govt. is also providing subsidy directly to OEM based on their sales under FAME II scheme.


  • Convenient & Noise Free: EVs are much convenient to drive because of its simpler manufacturing. No complicated gears, just accelerate, break & steering and you are good to go. Also, while operating an Electric Bike, you may notice a faint hum from the motor and the sound of tyres rolling on the road. Thus, it helps in reducing Noise Pollution.


  • Convenient Charging: There is absolutely no need to stand in a queue & wait for your turn, Electric Bikes & Electric Scooters give you Charging at home benefits as well. Just plug in before 4 hours you plan to leave and enjoy your convenient hassle-free journey. Even you can charge it anywhere in the remote areas as well where there is no fuel station.


  • Save Import Cost: We all know that petroleum is being import mostly from Middle East, Iraq and Saudi Arabia which requires lots of money in the form of Import Cost whereas Electricity is being produced in house. So, with the rapid use of Electric Scooters, we can save the currency. Thus invest the same for the well-being of the Nation.


Above mentioned are just a few points which state how Electric Vehicle is a boon to the society.



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