Green Hydrogen - A sustainable future

From the World Power- US to the Heritage Power – India, Decarbonization is being the talk of the town. Everyone is running behind figuring out the factors which brings sustainability. Moreover, the war in Ukraine left many countries with the scarcity of fossil fuels and thus inflation in the price of the natural resources. These circumstances too played a vital role in pushing the world towards a sustainable future. Decarbonizing the planet and making it a better place to live in, is the mission to achieve as soon as possible, keeping sustainability at its peak and so presenting a world completely driven by green hydrogen. Now, we’ll study what is green hydrogen and how it is produced. Also, the benefits of green hydrogen in maintaining sustainability.

Basically, the most convenient method to generate the most efficient, light weight, highly reactive and universal fuel, is the process of Electrolysis. When the electric current passes through water, it splits water into hydrogen & oxygen. If the electric current generated is by wind energy (renewable energy) then the hydrogen produced is green hydrogen as it doesn’t then emit carbon dioxide rather the bi-product is water. Also, according to IEA (International Energy Agency), which is at the heart of global dialogue on energy, this method of generating green hydrogen would save 83 m tons of carbon dioxide that is emitted annually when this gas is generated through fossil fuels.

However, because of the higher production cost, the viability of green hydrogen is yet questionable. But we know that the volume and cost are inversely proportional to each other. As the world progresses towards sustainability, the production cost shall automatically decrease. So, certainly we are going to attain a sustainable future with this cleaner energy. As India being one among the associative countries with IEA, ERISHA E MOBILITY PVT. LTD. took the core responsibilities for a green hydrogen driven planet. Collaborating with the German Company, ERISHA is going to establish a complete eco system of green hydrogen in India which will accelerate the speed of the Nation towards attaining sustainability. ERISHA has signed an MOU with the state government of UP which includes establishing a solar plant of 100 MW, ESS with 4 hours back-up, production & dispensing of green hydrogen to the end-customer.

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